• The Pharma Research

    The Journal invites papers that make a significant contribution to the knowledge and understanding of pharmaceutics, pharmacognogy, pharmaceutical chemistry, analysis, organic and medical chemistry, environmental sciences natural products, biosynthesis, pharmacology and biotechnological aspects of drugs and chemicals, chemical and botanical identification of herbs or their products.

     Submission of a paper implies that it has been approved by all the named authors, that it has not been published before, and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

     Acceptance of papers will be decided by the Editorial Board after examination by at least two referees that to two side blind reviewing. Manuscripts that require revision and/or correction and/or condensation will be returned to the authors with comments specifying alterations from the referees and/or the Editorial Board.

     The following types of papers may be submitted.

    • Research Papers: Original Papers are the usual form of publication of this journal describing original experimental results.

    • Reviews: Reviews covering recent discoveries or topics of current interest are generally invited.

    • Mini-Reviews: These provide a short overview of a particular subject and are also generally invited.


    Authors must submit their manuscripts online.